TBRU 21: Registration Opens 11/07/15 @ Noon Dallas Time

The Difference is Day and Night!

As you probably read in the last posting, we are aggressively negotiating with a larger hotel to achieve the One Hotel Model which you guys have been asking for.  But until we can actually get a booking in 2018, we are still on the multiple hotel model. 

Space is a premium for a run our size.  This forced us to try a 2 host hotel model last year.  While it was a challenge it was a necessity.  Did it work perfectly?  No, but we did learn from it. 

This year we will be making a modification to our event structure.  What we learned from last year was not to compete against ourselves at 2 host hotels.  What does this mean?  Well, it simply means that last year we tried to offer events at both host hotels at the same time.  This was divisive to our attendees and caused some confusion.  It also was taxing on our limited manpower.  With that being said, we are going to be moving to a Day and Night Model.

We will have a Daytime Host Hotel and Nighttime Host Hotel.  This will allow us to maximize our resources and bring you the best possible events with minimal confusion or overlap of events in different hotel locations.

As the veteran TBRU attendees can attest, we strive to make changes for the better each year based on comments from the previous year.  We truly believe that this course of action is the best plan for the coming year.  It is our goal to have a tentative schedule of events prior to the opening of registration this year.

As always, we look forward to hosting you again this coming year at TBRU.  This will be an exciting year with our theme of Mardi Gras.  See you in March!

The Dallas Bears and TBRU Team