Breaking News!
The Difference is Day and Night!

When you register for TBRU this year, you will have the opportunity to select which host hotel you would like to stay at. [Update: host hotels are sold out! But rooms are still available at our overflow hotels, including the Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Suites Dallas Market Center. And our convenient shuttle service will get you to the host hotels in comfort!]

Veteran TBRU attendees can attest, we strive to make changes for the better each year based on comments from previous years. We need more space! To provide that needed space we are taking a “two” host hotel approach.

This year we will have the Love Field Hotel & Suites and Crowne Plaza Hotel as our dual host hotels. All our events will be split between each venue.

Day Time Events will take place at the Love Field Hotel and Suites: Main Registration, Vendors Market, Game Shows, Comedy Shows,  Ballroom Entertainment, Game Room, Chill Lounge and more…

Night Time Events will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel: Hospitality, Chill Lounge, Pool Parties, Affinity Group Socials, Underwear Auction, Late Night Registration, Mr. TBRU Contest and more…

We will now offer a larger and more spacious Vendor Market. Review our working schedule, chat with your brother bears and choose the hotel that will best suit your TBRU schedule and experience.

As always we will provide easy to use shuttle service between all our hotels. Improved and simplified service is waiting for you so that you can let the Good Times Roll.

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Registration at out host hotels will sell out fast! Check back here for a link to the Guest Registration page.

2013, 2014 and 2015 followed a similar pattern with the host hotel selling out in just 13 minutes in 2015.